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IAB: 2022 Podcast Revenue Rises 26%

At this year’s IAB Podcast Upfront, the IAB released the results of its U.S. Podcast Advertising 2022 Revenue & 2023-2025 Growth Projections study and concludes that “podcasting continues to be one of the fastest growing digital channels, growing two times faster than digital advertising overall.” The report, byim PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, “quantifies annual podcast advertising revenues generated over the past year, analyzes revenue share by ad category and content genre, and forecasts future revenues through 2025.” The study says the top revenue-generating content genres are Sports (15%), Society & Culture (14%), and Comedy (14%) and have taken the lead from News and Political Opinion content (down from 19% to 12%). IAB VP, media center Eric John says, “In-person sports, lifestyle events, and in-store shopping have come back in a big way, taking the lead from news which held the top revenue genre spot since 2018. Podcasting revenue naturally reflects that shift in consumer behavior and it will be interesting to watch how the balance changes going forward.” He adds, “Both mass and niche advertisers like the audiences, targeting, and ROI along with the brand-safe and suitable environments that podcasting offers.” See the complete report here.