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Houston’s KYST-AM to Become Conservative News/Talk in January

Hispanic Broadcasting Inc will flip Spanish talk KYST-AM, Houston to English-language news/talk on January 1. The company says, “An all-new sound is coming to talk radio in Houston! Beginning January 1, 2024, an exciting new lineup of conservative talk radio personalities are coming to KYST 920 AM.”im The lineup includes Westwood One talk hosts Dan Bongino, Chris Plante and Rich Valdes; Starnes Media Group’s Todd Starnes; FOX News Radio’s Guy Benson, Newsmax’s Rob Carson, and longtime Pittsburgh TV and radio personality Wendy Bell. It will also use FOX News Radio for network news. Hispanic Broadcasting president Matthew Velasquez says, “We’re excited to bring Houston listeners a better choice in news/talk radio. The mission of ‘Patriot Talk 920 AM’ is to become the leader in conservative talk radio with programming that reflects our core values of family, faith and freedom.” For more information, contact Steve Lapa at


Wisconsin Firm Attempting Counterpoint to Conservative Talk

A story in WisBusiness profiles the new statewide radio network in Wisconsin called Civic Media whose goal is to “offer a ‘counterpoint’ to conservative talk radio while elevating local and state-level issues.” Company CEO Sage Weil – described as “a successful software developer and a major Dem donor in the state” tells the publication that the “ongoing erosion” of local media is an obstacle that needs to be overcome. He says, “Civic Media’s mission is to refocus our attention on state and local issues, and we’re doing that by building a network across Wisconsin of hometown radio stations that are bringing as much local and state-based content to the airwaves as we possibly can.” The piece says that Civic Media has been acquiring radio stations, but it appears it is leasing at least some of them, such as WMDX-AM/W224EG, Madison “Mad Radio” which is owned by Good Karma Brands. Regardless, it is presenting programming on about a dozen stations with its eye on having about 20 stations in its network. Weil says the network is trying not to be positioned as liberal talk. “We don’t take sides as far as one political party over the other, except that our core values and mission … are around things like democracy, transparency and so on. It’s very difficult to be pro-democracy and not be voting for, you know, Democrats these days.” Read the whole story here.

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Axios: Talk Radio Landscape Two Years After Limbaugh’s Passing

A piece by Sara Fischer in Axios looks at the state of conservative talk radio two years after the genre’s putative founding father Rush Limbaugh passed away, leaving a literal and figurative void in the industry. Talk media practitioners are aware that the occasion of Limbaugh’s passing gave rise to a number of conservative talk personalities as they battled to fill the midday radio time slot occupied for so many years on more than 600 stations. In the bigger picture, Fischer writes, “Today, no one radio host commands the same level of power and influence that Limbaugh did, but a number of new voices are emerging — blending the reach of traditional and digital platforms — and collectively proving to be more powerful in shaping conservative opinion for younger audiences.” TALKERS magazine publisher Michael Harrison is quoted in the piece saying, “The world is changing and there are questions as to how Limbaugh, had he lived and remained healthy — based upon his mindset and his approach to the business — would have remained as pertinent as he was. He was not as flexible when it came to social media and some of the other forms that it takes right now to be a media presence as opposed to just a radio presence.” Read the entire article here.