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Don Geronimo Apologizes for “Barbie” Comments

Radio personality Don Geronimo, who was fired from his position as morning drive host at iHeartMedia’s WBIG-FM, Washington, DC last Saturday (7/29), has issued an apology for his on-air language directed at WUSA-TV, Washington sports reporter Sharla McBride. He writes, in part: “Last week, during my live radio show from the Commanders training camp, I used inappropriate words in a way that hurt someone. I deeply and sincerelyim apologize for the pain I caused WUSA sports reporter Sharla McBride. As has been reported, I insensitively used the terms ‘Barbie,’ ‘Barbie girl,’ and ‘chick’ when talking about Ms. McBride, a fellow broadcaster who I did not know or recognize when she walked by our broadcast position. My attempts to be humorous and topical backfired, and I needlessly deprecated a professional colleague… I have reached out to Ms. McBride to apologize. When she feels ready, I hope that we can have a conversation and that I will have the opportunity to reiterate my apology to her in person. I hope that Ms. McBride and the listeners who heard me will forgive me. I am better than this, and I promise to demonstrate that going forward.”