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Nashville-based Talk Host Causes Controversy After Releasing Shooter’s Manifesto

Steven Crowder – who does a talk show streamed on YouTube and other digital platforms – is causing controversy and raising questions about the public’s right to know after releasing what is purported to be the “manifesto” of Audrey Hale, whom authorities say is responsible for the Covenant School shooting in Nashville last March that claimed the lives of three children and three adults. YouTube removed theim video saying it violates its community guidelines that “prohibit linking to content containing manifestos from individuals who have committed violent attacks.” Crowder issued a notice on X regarding the removal of the content, saying, “YOU determine what matters. YOU determine the content. Not YouTube, not the rest of BigTech, not their lackies, and not a gaggle of sponsors who don’t have the b***s to stand behind the kind of content you actually want to see.” According to a report by Newsweek, “The Metro Nashville Police Department has not confirmed that the screenshots shared by Crowder are Hale’s manifesto. A department spokesperson told Newsweek Monday that police were ‘unable to confirm the authenticity of what has been released, although we are looking into that at this very moment.’” Read the Newsweek story here.