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WWO Audio Active Group: Less Is More

This week’s Westwood One Audio Active Group blog shares information about the effectiveness of audio ads from a collaborative UK study by audio distribution service Audiotrack and analytics firm Colourtext that compared ad effectiveness with word density in audio ads. Some of the takeaways from this study lend credence to the notion that when it comes to ad copy, less is indeed more. For example,im the study found that eliminating 10 words of audio copy increases the Creative Standout score by 1%. Creative Standout is achieved when consumers say, “this ad stands out” and rate an ad with an 8, 9, or 10 on a one-to-ten-standout scale. Further it found that eliminating 10 words of audio copy increases web traffic by 0.25%. Creative Standout in audio advertising is strongly linked to ad response via website visits. For each 1% rise in Creative Standout achieved by an audio ad, website response rate increases by 0.25%. Also, the more messages that are included in the ad, the poorer the recall. An ad with four messages will have message recall of only 24%, compared to 43% for ads with just one message. The more messages an ad attempts to communicate, the lower the likelihood of a single message being communicated. See the blog post here.