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13-Year-Old Singer/Songwriter Stella Mabry Discusses Bullying on Harrison Podcast

Stella Mabry – a stunningly talented 13-year-old singer/songwriter from Owensboro, Kentucky – is this week’s guest on the award-winning PodcastOne series, “The Michael Harrison Interview.” At the tender age of 10, Stella was the victim of school bullying… but she did something about it. She wrote a song as a message to her tormentor titled, “Mean Girl,” and it proved to be a far more effective defense mechanism and diplomatic bridge than a nasty verbal or physical escalation of the problem. The power of music made a huge difference.

Stella’s parents had already recognized their daughter’s musical talent at an early age and gave her lessons and encouragement. But her dad was so taken with the quality of the anti-bullying song that he booked her into a local studio, recorded a rough demo and sent it to his old friend in Los Angeles. That old friend happened to be Les Garland – one of the most plugged in-pop media executives of the past half century – a brilliant radio programmer-turned-innovative-media-entrepreneur who, among his long list of achievements, co-founded MTV.

Garland was so impressed by the song and its back story that he played it for a couple of his buddies in the LA music scene – Sasha Krivtsov and Paul Mirkovich from the famed NBC’s “The Voice” house-band. They loved it and agreed to record it with Stella in the renowned L.A. studio, Sound Factory. With Garland now serving as executive producer, the entire band with instruments in hand was in-studio to record the song as well as a number of other tracks written and performed by Stella. The track “Mean Girl” and its accompanying music video are being released TODAY (8/22). Check it out on YouTube at

Michael Harrison says, “Bullying is a major societal cancer with devastating impact. Although with us since the dawn of time – bullying is a worsening problem that torments so many of our children in this era of social media where there’s no relief from taunts, lies and cruelty 24/7 even at home – away from school or the playground. It can lead to depression, unspeakable violence, and teen suicide. I am gratified to be able to interview this young woman about this deeply important topic at such a key point in what could very well become a major musical career. She is authentic, talented and on a meaningful mission. I encourage my colleagues in talk media to book her as a back-to-school guest as soon as possible… before the music media world gobbles her up.” Harrison suggests that interested hosts and producers contact him directly at

Listen to the podcast in its entirety here.