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Radio Host Mark Walters Suing OpenAI for Defamation

Talk host Mark Walters, who produces and hosts Second Amendment-themed radio programs via his CCW Broadcast Media company, is suing OpenAI in a Georgia Superior Court claiming that OpenAI’s ChatGPT created a false case alleging that Walters embezzled funds from theim Second Amendment Foundation. The complaint states that journalist Fred Riehl was researching the case of The Second Amendment Foundation v. Robert Ferguson and asked ChatGPT to provide a summary of that complaint and received one that stated the suit’s plaintiff is Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb who accuses Walters as treasurer and chief financial officer of embezzling funds. Walters says, and Gottlieb confirms, that he didn’t serve in either position and didn’t steal anything. In the AI world, false text from services like ChatGPT are called “hallucinations.” As with any defamation case, Walters will have to prove he’s suffered damages, but this case will be interesting to watch as it appears to be the first such legal case involving the work of AI. Read the New York Post’s story here.